Slides from my ASP.NET Connections Orlando Talks

Last week I presented at the ASP.NET Connections Conference in Orlando.  I gave a general session talk on Monday, and then two breakout talks later that day.  You can download my slides+samples below:

General Session

The slides for my keynote can be downloaded here

In the talk I demonstrated how to debug the .NET Framework source code.  You can learn how to set this up with VS 2008 here

I also demonstrated building a site using the new ASP.NET Dynamic Data support - which you can learn more about here.  I also demonstrated using the new ASP.NET MVC Framework - which you can learn more about here.

I also showed off the new Hard Rock Memorabilia site built with Silverlight 2.  You can try out the Hard Rock application yourself here.  You can learn more about Silverlight from my links page here.

Building .NET Applications with Silverlight

The slides + demos for Silverlight breakout talk can be downloaded here.

You can learn more about Silverlight from my links page here.  In particular, I recommend reading my tutorial posts here and here.


The slides + demos for my ASP.NET MVC talk can be downloaded here.

You can learn more about the latest ASP.NET MVC source refresh here.  Stephen Walther also just posted a really good set of slides + demos from his post conference tutorial on ASP.NET MVC here.

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  • It was my first time at one of these conferences, the last conference I had gone to was for VBits and that was before dotnet 1.0 had been released. Three days of my life I would never get back, that is until this past week, where I really thought it was a well spent three days and learned quite a bit.

    Thought the opening sesssion was good, I didn't go to your other two sessions, but from what I heard they were pretty good. Silverlight looks like a really cool piece of technology, and I hope in time that it is built to handle search engine optimization. Which seems to be the latest craze these days.

    Still thanks for the great conference.

  • Boss you are winsome and thanks for such valuable slides

  • Great set of Collection.

  • The Hardrock Cafe site is awesome... looking forward to seeing what people create once they get into the power of Silverlight... also not looking forward to seeing some bad UIs as people try to squeeze in features because they think its cool to have on their site but that just don't add to the usability.

  • I have using silverlight2.0 to made a project ,it's have a file share moudle. The designer can upload some files to server. And i want on the other side the the manufacturing manager can download it to local computer(it seemed SL2 do not support to directly save file on local filesystem) ,and view it .Does it posible.

    thanks a lot.

  • i want to throw my coin as bob did in mz

  • Thanks a lot for your most valuable slides... Richness of the web application is improving day by day. its very interesting to update ourself in the dynamic environment...

  • Thanks for posting Scott.

  • As always great

  • Scott: thanks for the post, I wish I could have made the trip to Orlando this year.

    Could you post the answers to your "common questions" slide? Thanks in advance.

    Should I use WebForms or MVC?
    Difference between MVC and MVP?
    Do I have to write code in my view?
    What about AJAX?
    How fast/scalable is it?
    When will it ship?

  • Can we expect that silverlight will be integrated with new version of IE or with vista? so when any end user upgrades browser(IE) or OS(vista) then by default it will support XAML and people don't have to download it separately.

    Hardik Joshi(

  • Dear Scott,

    Thanks for posting the slides and demos to the group.
    You really stand outstanding in information sharing and enabling the group to learn and develop the skills.


  • thanks u so much about this article!

  • Miguel Madero sir.

    Thanks for you reply .

    I want to decription my situation again.
    Yes I can save it on isolation storage ,But how can i customers found the saved file from local filesystem,i mean is where the file been saved.

    Your know my customers can share ppt,word,excel,dwg ect files. They can open ppt,word,excel directly from IE,but they could open dwg file(autocad file format),so i need him could select to save it to a local file system .so he can go there and found it then use autocad to open it .(autocad just a example maybe 3dsmax something),So if i could not the actually location of the isolation storage ,I think you suggestion is also a solution ,however i can told my customers to found it at that folder.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Le slide della mia presentazione ad Orlando.

  • Hey Scott. Sorry I missed the conference, but I've got to pick and choose my company paid conferences and my fave is PDC. The PDC 2008 RSS has been dead for some time. Do you have any info or could you point me to any good info beyond the location and date for PDC 2008? Much appreciated. Thanks, -Dan

  • Ha, I just went to the hardrock memorabilia site have the latest silverlight plugin in safari and asks to install.

    Also could you post your slides to slidshare or something like it?


  • Hi Scott,
    We are still using in Office 2003 client in our office.
    So I am unable to open your valuable articles in the .pptx format.
    It would be great if you can provide those ASP.NET Connections & MVC decks in the Office 2003, .ppt format.

    prasad p,

  • Thanks for your slides.
    Great sets of collections.


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