Video Interview of Me Talking about WPF/E, Orcas, IIS7 and MIX

Yesterday Channel9 posted a video interview of me with Rory Blyth that was filmed earlier this week. 

During the interview I talk about WPF/E, VS Orcas, IIS 7 and the upcoming Microsoft MIX conference on April 30th - where Ray Ozzie and I are the keynote speakers.  I also talk about having my car towed by Microsoft campus security.

Click here to watch it.

- Scott











  • thanks for posting the video link. always great to check those videos

  • Any chances of getting to read the interview. I was specifically looking for this type of material. Kindly make arrangements to publish this, as an article or blog.

  • Awesome interview Scott, thanks! Its great to find out some more information about the new stuff coming up in the near future. The wpf/e stuff sounds cool ... can't wait to play :-)

  • I am soooo looking foward to WFPE!
    Great for those building widgets :)

  • Great interview! I've been reading the blog for a long time and now I can finally put a face to the pen (type...whatever).

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Scott,

    Can you post a blog entry about how you go about getting a patent? Can you write about your favorite patent?

  • Hello.

    Scott, I know that this is not right post maybe :-) but do you know some good and big pictures (related to ASP.NET 2.0 / .Net / C#) which can be printed for wall?

    Page cycle, cheat sheets etc, etc?

    I googled for over a week and did not find anything appropriate.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I love WPF/E, absolutely love it.

  • Hi Brennan,

    Sadly filing for patents isn't too exciting. It is actually quite boring! :-)

    Basically you sit in the room with a patent attorney for about a day and describe in a lot of detail how something works. They then help write-up a ~100 page document that details it in legalease, and then you spend a few weeks going back and forth on refining it.

    It then usually takes about 4-5 years from the US patent office to get back to you on the results (often they ask for more clarrification). Eventually if things go well you are granted a patent and get a patent number you can claim as your own. :-)

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Thacker,

    Yep - accessibility support is something we are making sure to add. We are also investigating enabling WPF/E on mobile devices in the future to enable hand-held support.

    Unfortunately IIS7 uses a lot of new features of Windows Vista and Longhorn Server - so unfortunately it doens't work on XP. I definitely agree that that would be useful though.



  • Hi,

    Do you plan to have WPF/E supported on a browser running on Linux, such as Firefox?


  • Hi Alex,

    That is definitely something we are looking at right now. Basically we'll add additional platforms as demand is there, and if there is a big enough client base to support it. Macs have a much bigger share of clients (not servers) than Linux - which is why we chose todo that platform first.



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