Context is King

No pain, no gain.

  • The awesome dotnetcore collection for .NET community

    In the last month, dotnetcoreaspnetcore, and efcore were released .NET Core 1.0 RTM. Apparently, everyone in .NET community is very excited about this news. Because in .NET standard 1.6 version, we can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSes very well. Accordingly, a lot of libraries, frameworks, tools, starter-kits and articles also come out. The problem of this is a lot of people don't know how to find the best one to use in their projects, based on the very new framework like dotnetcore, aspnetcore, and efcore. To help those people can be easy to find the best one for the specific purpose, I have created the awesome dotnetcore collection on GitHub to classification all the libraries, framework, starter-kits into each category so that if anyone wants to use some of them in this collection can choose it effectively. And luckily, this project is welcomed by the community (a lot of like, share and pull requests). I am really happy about it because I know what I do, really make people excited about and maybe it is helpful for them too :)

  • ASP.NET MVC 6 with JSPM and Material Design Lite

    ASP.NET MVC 6.0 just released in couples of months and brought to us a lot of new things. The front-end development is also improved by the time until Visual Studio 2015 released. I have been working on NodeJs for some of projects, and finding that NodeJs really good for front-end side (some cases, it is also good for back-end with MEAN stack). It makes us develop new projects very quick and ton of plugins in NodeJs community also amazing. When I come back to .NET world, a lot of cool things make me feel very comfortable when writing code. ASP.NET MVC 6.0 supported NPM and Bower build-in packages when we created a solution. It is good, all of us know that.

  • Customize the SimpleMembership in ASP.NET MVC 4.0

    As we know, .NET 4.5 have come up to us, and come along with a lot of new interesting features as well. Visual Studio 2012 was also introduced some days ago. They made us feel very happy with cool improvement along with us. Performance when loading code editor is very good at the moment (immediate after click on the solution). I explore some of cool features at these days. Some of them like Json.NET integrated in ASP.NET MVC 4.0, improvement on asynchronous action, new lightweight theme on Visual Studio, supporting very good on mobile development, improvement on authentication…

  • Skinny controller in ASP.NET MVC 4

    Rails community are always inspire a lot of best ideas. I really love this community by the time. One of these is "Fat models and skinny controllers". I have spent a lot of time on ASP.NET MVC, and really I did some miss-takes, because I made the controller so fat. That make controller is really dirty and very hard to maintain in the future. It is violate seriously SRP principle and KISS as well. But how can we achieve that in ASP.NET MVC? That question is really clear after I read "Manning ASP.NET MVC 4 in Action". It is simple that we can separate it into ActionResult, and try to implementing logic and persistence data inside this. In last 2 years, I have read this from Jimmy Bogard blog, but in that time I never had a consideration about it. That's enough for talking now.

  • BDD with Specflow, Moq and Microsoft Unit Testing framework

    BDD (Behavior Driven Development) is very popular in these days. I know a lot of companies used BDD in our projects. So I also had some curios about it and I applied for my current project. I used Specflow, Moq and Microsoft Testing framework for working. I did it and found out some things very interested in. In this post I will not focus on what it BDD? What is Mock, stub or how to write a unit testing? Readers can easy find on internet, just googling it and everything will be okay. I just focus on the some best things I found when I implemented the BDD on my code. I used AAA (Arrange-Act-Assert) and GWT (Given-When-Then) patterns in my code. They are clearly and easily to understand and become standard when you write unit testing and mocking.

  • WCF Web API with Web Activator package

    In these days, I had read some blogs and a lot of post in internet about WCF Web API. And I also have curious about it.  It is not new technology. And after I watched some postcast. I recognize it is a good one that I must to researching. RESTfull is a hot topic and have a lot of argues these days. WCF Web API is built on top of WCF service. How does it good? I don't know we just follow and analyze it later. Do you agree with me?

  • dynamic, Why not?

    In these days, people begin to expertise some new features in .NET 4.0. And I am same to them as well. One of features I like and write to this post is dynamic keyword. It is not new, at least in PHP, Python, Ruby... But in .NET world, I think it is new and ship to .NET 4.0 as a default. And some of projects are ported to .NET based on DLR as IronPython, IronRuby. We can use dynamic keyword in anywhere in our project. How do you think about it? So dynamite, isn’t it? :D. Some of people are didn’t like it, some else are love it. How about you? With me, I only try to utilize a new feature in .NET 4.0 for make my work is easier.