Need More Deep CLR Webcasts for WMA/MP3

There is no shortage of CLR information out there.  There is a shortage of level 300 CLR webcasts that can be turned to WMA or MP3 for a commuter.

I do the Dallas commute and always want more that I can throw on my MP3/WMA car stereo.   I’m finishing all of the .NetRocks episodes and many of  The .Net Shows.

I’ve looked over past Microsoft support webcasts but most everything is understandably related to the Framework libraries.  If the ‘Microsoft Technet Radio’ series was continued with developer shows, I would have greatly benefited because I drive so many hours and I used to fly quite a bit. 

I’m going to lecture next month at the Dallas C# SIG on CLR internals so developers will better understand metadata, types, and how assemblies are loaded and compiled in the virtual execution system.  The second half of the lecture will be on optimized CLR coding such as when to use value types, string handling, garbage collection tips, interop, etc.  A .Net evangelist at heart, I am.

I always want more so if anyone knows of any CLR specific resources that can be turn to WMA’s I would greatly appreciate it.  I’ve been through many things such as the .Net Show episode, “Inside the CLR” several times since it came out.  I also appreciate the MSDNTV episodes.

I most appreciate a conference speech on DrDobbs by Don Box a few years back that explained mscoree.dll and mscorlib.dll in simple terms.  His .Net Internals book looks good.  The Don Box bathtub talk doesn’t help though.  I enjoy my copy of Jeffrey Richter’s “Applied Microsoft .Net Framework Programming”.  I just need it in WMA format.  I suppose that I could hire a temp or some professional book reader to get that book to WMA so that I’m not tempted to read and drive.

Geeky MP3s and WMAs on a car stereo, what an addiction.  Is there more out there that is CLR centric that I may have overlooked?

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