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  • Some New Features in Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005

    This is a list that I put together in a few hours, so don't work at critiquing it please.  I borrowed a few things here and there for the sake of raising an awareness of what new features are available in VS2005, and SQL2005.  I'll be listing it tomorrow night when I present with Dave McKinstry at the Dallas .Net User Group.  We're presenting the Community VS2005 Launch like last month at the Dallas C# SIG.  Some of the examples listed are in the samples at the Dallas C# SIGIf anyone knows of a comprehensive list with all technologies, please reply.  This is actually more of a conversation starter so people don't continue to write classes that come out of the box.  Hope it helps someone.

  • Chris Kinsman at the Dallas C# SIG

    INETA speaker Chris Kinsman will be speaking at the Dallas C# SIG this Thursday, January 2nd, 2006.  If you're in the Dallas area, drop by for some C# Chris Kinsman style.  Chris will be presenting on the new features in C# and very likely will cover other areas that he's skilled at such as data warehousing, SQL, and team development.