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  • Silverlightpalooza - The DFW Silverlight and WP7 DevCamp

    Teresa Burger and Chris Koenig are heading up a great event on Jun 18th and 19th called the DFW Silverlight and WP7 DevCamp.  It is two full days (Friday and Saturday) of Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 fun.  Yes - I said fun.  I'll be one of the available on-site mentors both days. It will be at our favorite hang-out, the  Microsoft headquarters in Dallas.  There will be prizes and lots of experience to be gained.  So if you want to join in the fun and learning, please register now before it is filled.  After two days of Silverlight and WP7, there‚Äôs still a Sunday left to ride the motorcycle.  So it definitely will be a great weekend.