CLR Development Resource List

This is a list of resources that I had in my CLR Internals talk last week at the Dallas C# SIG.  There are so many great CLR articles and webcasts but these are my best and may come in handy for someone else.  The oldie but goodie is on DrDobbs site, Don Box discussing the two main CLR DLL's.  I'm sure that it won't be up there forever.

Don Box Webcast on How the CLR Works


Lutz Roeder's Reflector for .NET

ANTS Profiler

CLR Profiler

Optimized Development

Writing Faster Managed Code: Know What Things Cost (CLR Profiler)

Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability

CLR Information And CLR Performance


CLR Newsgroup

CLR Team Blogs with Tons of Tidbits


Webcasts and Articles

Don Box’s - Migrating Native Code to the .NET CLR

Common Type System

Performance Considerations for Run-Time Technologies in the .NET Framework

Performance Tips and Tricks in .NET Applications


Online IL Development Book

Project imago (link via Lutz Roeder)

Books to Consume Large Amounts of Caffeine With

Applied .Net Framework Programming
by Jeffrey Richter

Essential .NET, Volume I:
The Common Language Runtime

by Don Box

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