Remoting Comparisons

Here is a remoting comparison with some interesting results.  The numbers represent the call count after 5 seconds and after an initial hit for JIT compiling the Web service and IIS application.  The simple object that was returned contained only a name and price property.  The Remoting TCP’s well known type was a singleton but a single call was about the same performance for the IIS and WS to TCP object retrieval.

Since a standard web service is required to use SOAP (without extensions), we can understand the average of 400 transactions.  The Web service often dipped down to 10, 75, 200, and the normal 400.  Adding state in the Web service to store the singleton SAO object from the TCP remote service didn’t help any. 

It looks like the most optimal and reliable Internet access would be a simple pass-through class in a virtual directory with HTTP channel / binary formatter to get an object from the internal TCP service.  VPN clients should go directly to the TCP service for best performance.

Remoting Method

Method Returns a Double

Method Returns an Object on Localhost

Method Returns an Object Across a Fast Network

Local Object  (no remoting)





11,000 Singleton / 8,900 SingleCall



Client to IIS Class to TCP

1,200 Soap / 1250 Binary



Client to WS to TCP



10 to 400 w/ & w/o state


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