SQL 2005 - The Easy Uninstall Tool

Thank you Microsoft SQL Team for the SQL 2005 Beta uninstall tool.  I don’t think that it was announced or mentioned loud enough.  Most people will be running Add/Remove which is a bit tedious.

It’s simple either way, but it’s even simpler to run the uninstall utility from the June CTP version located at:     “Setup Tools \ Build Uninstall Wizard \ sqlbuw.exe”.   The utility works for a while on the .Net Framework 2.0 phase, so be patient while it removes files that it thinks you don’t need.

After uninstalling SQL 2005 Beta, I had to run Add/Remove->Repair on VS 2005 because some of the VS2005 Beta2 components weren’t registered anymore, but that’s expected with beta builds.

This “sqlbuw.exe” tool makes the monthly CTP replacement easy.  Your mileage may vary.


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