Web Hosting and DNN Woes

What a weekend with my webhost.  I've appreciated my host for VinceB.com for years but now I actually want to use the site for more than 10K of usage per month.  OK I can penny up more money for SQL, pay for play.  I can even spend a few nights copying projects and trying to get a DotNetNuke DB uploaded. 

Here are my two issues that I wish I knew before I killed hours trying to move from another host to DiscountAsp.net.

1.  They won't backup and restore a database.  Other providers like Webhost4Life have a control panel to do it for you if you can figure out what ftp server they placed it.  Instead, Discount charges and makes you import/export with Enterprise Manager - period.  Trying to copy the DNN database with Foreign Key constraints was not as simple as it should have been.  Now I see why they recommend starting with a fresh database.

2.  The Asp.Net 2.0 hosting is on another server that isn't seemless at all.  Sure they give members a free account but, what't the point of a go-live license if it's not exactly live.  WebHost4Life, slow as they may be, has more features and everything is generally easy.

On the flip side, I've learned much more about DotNetNuke than I ever wanted to know with other project waiting. 
For instance:

1.  Delete the ...\Install\dnn.config file and you get the database scripts run.  Yes, I looked at the convenient VB.Net Code.
2.  Place the setting, objectQualifier="DotNetNuke3" in the web.config and you get some different table names.  Now get the hosting provider to pause for your preference of that setting... I don't think so.

I guess that I'm just getting familiar with new things.

Ahh - the memories.  Some day we won't have ISPs nor gasoline.  That will be something.




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