What's going on at the Dallas C# SIG?

The Dallas C# SIG is a special interest group that meets on the first Thursday of each month at the Microsoft offices in Las Collinas, TX. (Dallas).  It's been around for a few years thanks to my co-leader, John Davis.

I've been in other cities on business and tried to attend the local meetings.  The most recent was a user group meeting in Baltimore.  It didn't work out but I consider it each time I go to another city.  If you're in the Dallas area during one of our meetings, stop by the Microsoft offices and tune in on the first Thursday of each month.  You can also sign up for the newsletter at Dallas-CSharp-Sig.com.  The newletter is only once or twice a month to alert the community of what's going on.  The best Dallas developer community news for our area is at http:\\TOATalks.com.  Our Microsoft Developer Evangelist, Caleb Jenkins, runs that site.  There are now 21 user groups in the Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas area. 

So what has been going on at the Dallas C# SIG?  Here's the news from "Past Meetings":

June 1, 2006 - Cory Smith and Vince Blasberg - Converting To and From C# and VB.Net - More than just a semicolon...
This was a two part discussion convering some considerations when converting a VB.NET project to C#.  Cory took over at half-time to discuss converting C# to VB.NET.  The VB.NET vs. C# war was saved for the DallasCodeCamp.com event a few weeks later.  Vince covered some of Lutz Roeder's reflector but Cory shifted it in high gear by showing the Reflector plugin that can convert a complete assembly to a new project.

May 4, 2006 - Caleb Jenkins - Advanced Atlas
Utilizing Atlas to create dynamic AJAX applications with ASP.NET 2.0.  Caleb demonstrated all of the Atlas features that we haven’t had time to cover anywhere else.

April 6, 2006 - Abraham Saldaña and Vince Blasberg - SQLServer 2005 Night
Vince demonstrated how easy it is to understand and develop SQLCLR with C#.  Abraham then took over and demonstrated some great new features with the new XML data type with XQuery, XML, XSLT.

March 2, 2006 - ADO.Net 2.0 with Shawn Wildermuth
Shawn Wildermuth, the ADOGuy at ADOGuy.com, talked about some new features in ADO.Net 2.0. Slides and resources are located on his site.  It was a great time so thanks Shawn.

Here's what we have going on in the next few months:

July 6, 2006 Click-Once Deployment: Beyond the Basics Paul Ballard - Click-Once Deployment: Beyond the Basics
August 3, 2006 Advanced ASP.Net Stephen Swienton - Advanced ASP.Net
September 7, 2006 Doing More on the Mobile Platform Dan Fergus - Doing More on the Mobile Platform
October 5, 2006 Using MSBuild Omar Villarreal - Using MSBuild
November 2, 2006 Managed C++ with C# John Davis - Managed C++ with C#

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