We are Microsoft - This Weekend

"We are Microsoft" is this weekend!!!  This event is all about giving a helping hand using our special talents to build solutions for non-profit organizations.  If there's more team work than that, please let me know.


For the second year, Toi Wright, along with many others have put on this event in Dallas, Texas.  What she needs now are some stand-by developers in case some organizations have projects that don't have enough developers, DBA's, testers, etc. 

Notion Solutions and the very TFS-talented Paul Hacker from SaaS Made Easy,  has setup and hosted a TFS server and is eager and ready to keep the development going.  Here is the mention for Notion Solutions.

Notion Solutions to Provide TFS (With Paul Hacker Hosting it...)

I'll be there with another Notion Solution-ite, John Burns, through much of the weekend to provide TFS Training, TFS support, and some development assistance.  When not doing that, I'll probably help others build unit tests, web tests, and good grief - maybe some code.

So how about it?  Want to sacrifice a weekend for some great causes?  Sign up, show up, code up, and go home on Sunday.


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