Agile PM Tools (Hosted)

Update: I've created a site to compare and review agile tools

(Updated 2/6/08 to include Wrike, also see the list of self hosted tools

I've been researching agile PM tools to decide if we want to continue using our existing tool, switch to another or go 100% manual.

There are a few vendors that provide a hosted service:

  • Rally Community (free, but limited to 5 users, a single project and minimal charting)
  • BaseCamp (not really agile, but widely used)
  • VersionOne Team (nice system I've used before and like. The Team version is limited to 5 users)
  • Acunote (new to me, seems very complete)
  • Jira/Confluence Enterprise (an issue tracking system, but combined with GreenHopper can be very agile)
  • ExtremePlanner Live (nice simple system)
  • TargetProcess On-demand (new to me, seems similar to V1 and Rally)
  • VersionOne Enterprise (unlimited users)
  • OnTime Pro (not agile out of the box, but can be customized to support, similar to JIRA+Confluence in that underneath it is an issue tracker and a wiki)
  • Rally Enterprise (unlimited users & projects)
  • Mingle (seems to cover the bases - agile tracking + wiki, but very expensive)
  • Wrike (new to me, seems similar to Acunote with lots of support for distributed teams)



There are 3 clear groupings for me. Free or nearly free which includes Rally Community, BaseCamp and VersionOne Team. The middle group ranges from $2,400-$3,200. Starting with Extreme Planner Live you are looking at from $7,500-$17,000.

If I had a very small team I would look at Rally Community or V1 Team. For a larger teams I think AcuNote hits the sweet spot. If I had a distributed team Wrike would be worth checking out.

This is not to say that I am refuting our move away from iterations etc. into the "Post Agile" world, rather I am releasing the results of work I did leading up to that decision.



  • Jerry,

    Thanks for the pointer to Wrike, I'll check it out.

  • Michelle,

    Thanks for the link!

  • Please note that this is for HOSTED tools.
    We did a similar research not long ago for inhouse tools and results were different. I will try to recover our results and maybe post them here?


  • Oliver,

    Yes, these are hosted tools. I did the same for in-house. I'll publish them shortly.

  • Another hosted solution, aimed at Microsoft Office users, is ActionThis. This is an online task and project management service designed for teams, particularly those who work in remote locations.

    In addition to providing an easy to use web application, ActionThis produces a client for Microsoft Outlook that lets people seamlessly create and manage ActionThis tasks alongside their email messages.

    In other words, people don't have to invest in learning a totally new tool.

    More information is available at

  • Check out the latest from Agilebuddy just recently released and is available at a really good price of $9.95 per user per month. It's built on a rich collaboration framework and is really very easy to use.


  • Agilebuddy also has a full free version available for official open source projects.

  • Open source tool for Agile software development. High lights: tracking work on backlog and velocity over a longer period of time, creating forecasts, backlog prioritisation.

  • Check out WoodRanch Agile Projects (WRAP) at

    I will recommend WRAP highly for the requirements you have described as below -

    1) requirement tracking (doc management and versionioning)
    2) project tracking of individual and group tasks
    3) release planning (charts, content, most critical path)
    4) issue/bug tracking
    5) supports distributed teams

    In addition, WRAP has SSL security, change history tracking and numerous historical graphs/charts along with 5 users FREE pack.

  • Hi Wayne, have you checked out MOOVIA ? It's a new free team collaboration network, based on agile methods ... please, can you review and post MOOVIA on your blog ? thanks in advance | rodrigo

  • Really Nice tools,

    You wanna know which i like for my agile scrum and issue tracking, scm, etc

    It's YODIZ
    Because this single product provides me a lot of features that are not found in single tool.

  • I'd look at Trello, which is well made, easy to use and very mobile friendly. There is now a paid version, but I think the free version is pretty feature rich.

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