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Binding a select in a client template
I recently got a question on one of my client template posts asking me how to bind a select tag’s value to data in client templates . I was surprised not to find anything on the web addressing the problem, so I thought I’d write a short post about it...
Enabling the ASP.NET Ajax script loader for your own scripts
In previous posts, I’ve shown different ways to build a client-side class browser, using the ASP.NET Ajax Libary and jQuery. In this post, I’ll focus on a few lines of code from the latest version of that sample. Those few lines of code enable my custom...
JavaScript class browser: once again with jQuery
I’ve already posted twice about that little class browser application. The first iteration was mostly declarative and can be found here: http://weblogs.asp.net/bleroy/archive/2009/09/14/building-a-class-browser-with-microsoft-ajax-4-0-preview-5.aspx The...
How to render the same template on the server and client with minimal redundancy
Last week, I wrote a post about how the new Microsoft Ajax Library Preview 6 made it a lot easier to write unobtrusive and imperative data-driven applications . Because for the previous preview, I had written a cool little class browser using a declarative...
Entirely unobtrusive and imperative templates with Microsoft Ajax Library Preview 6
Today is the release of the sixth preview of Microsoft Ajax Library. Don’t get fooled by the somewhat silly and long name: this is a major release in many ways. The scripts have been majorly refactored since preview 5. Check out the other posts out there...
Building a class browser with Microsoft Ajax 4.0 Preview 5
The Microsoft Ajax Library 4.0 Preview 5 is the first release of Microsoft Ajax that I didn’t participate in: I left the team a few months ago. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love what’s in there, and I really do. And by the way I’ve also seen what’s in...
Why is ASP.NET encoding &’s in script URLs? A tale of looking at entirely the wrong place for a cause to a non-existing bug.
Several people have reported seeing errors in their logs that seem to be due to requests such as this: /ScriptResource.axd?d= [lots of junk] & t=ffffffffee24147c The important part here is the HTML-encoded “&” sequence, which stands for...
New release of the Ajax Control Toolkit
A new version of the AJAX Control Toolkit is now available for download from the CodePlex website. It contains three new controls: HTMLEditor - allows you to easily create and edit HTML content. You can edit in WYSIWYG mode or in HTML source mode. The...
Creating jQuery plug-ins from MicrosoftAjax components
We had an interesting discussion recently on the ASP Insiders mailing list and ended up talking about what cool stuff we could build on top of jQuery. Many interesting things were mentioned and it was a very useful discussion but one suggestion in particular...
A blog on Microsoft Ajax client templates and data
Politian has a great blog series where he goes into the details of building a data-driven Ajax application using the new 4.0 client templates and data . Check it out! http://politian.wordpress.com/
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