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Logging SQL queries in Orchard
It is often useful to see what database queries were made during a specific request in Orchard. There are quite a few ways to do this (you can trace right from SQL Server , or you can use Mini-Profiler for instance), but this morning Sébastien showed...
Storing non-content data in Orchard
A CMS like Orchard is, by definition, designed to store content. What differentiates content from other kinds of data is rather subtle. The way I would describe it is by saying that if you would put each instance of a kind of data on its own web page...
Orchard 0.5 is out
Before I joined Microsoft seven years ago, I had spent a couple of years building a Web CMS. It wasn’t open-source unfortunately but the experience convinced me that most public-facing web sites would shortly use some form of CMS. I also forged strong...
How Orchard works
I just finished writing a long documentation topic on the Orchard project wiki that aims at being a good starting point for developers who want to understand the architecture, structure and general philosophy behind the Orchard CMS. It is not required...
Orchard team looking for a new developer
My team is looking for a new full-time developer. The project is to build a completely new open-source CMS based on ASP.NET MVC 2. It’s a lot of fun :) https://careers.microsoft.com/JobDetails.aspx?ss=&pg=0&so=&rw=1&jid=9434&jlang...
A total n00b’s guide to migrating from a custom data layer to Nhibernate: so many choices
One of the great things about NHibernate is its vibrant community and ecosystem. So many people are using it or building other libraries on top of it that you can be pretty sure that there is always a reasonable solution to any problem you might face...
A total n00b’s guide to migrating from a custom data layer to Nhibernate: getting started
(Screencast can be found at the end of the post) To be clear when I say “total n00b”, I’m not talking about you, dear reader, I’m talking about me. The last time I wrote any serious data access code was circa 2002. Since then, I got hired by the Evil...
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