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Going to California
I’m flying to San Jose tonight for tomorrow’s OpenAjax Alliance face to face meeting , which Microsoft is hosting. On Friday, we are also hosting a new event that aims at establishing a dialogue between JavaScript library developers and Microsoft. We...
OpenAjax requests comments on browser wishlist
The OpenAjax Alliance has been working with some of the top Ajax developers on a wishlist that aims at gathering and prioritizing the development features that we need the most from next generation browsers. The process is completely open and Wiki-based...
Microsoft now in the OpenAjax steering comittee
Thanks to all members who voted. I'm looking forward to working with the other members. http://www.openajax.org/blogs/?p=41
OpenAjax InteropFest 1.0: Microsoft's entry
Yesterday I got to write our entry in OpenAjax's InteropFest . The goal of this event is to demonstrate how different Ajax libraries can be parts of the OpenAjax ecosystem and interact with each other through the OpenAjax hub . The currently central feature...
Microsoft Ajax events - part 2: exposing events from custom classes
In part 1 , I showed how to subscribe to events exposed by JavaScript classes built on Microsoft Ajax. In this post, I'll show how to expose new events from your own classes. Theoretically, the only things you have to do to expose an event are to implement...
Microsoft Ajax events - part 1: subscribing
When building Ajax applications, you basically deal with two kinds of events. First, there are DOM events , and second, events from JavaScript objects. This second category is not part of the EcmaScript specs (or of the DOM specs, of course) so each framework...
OpenAjax meetings
It was my great pleasure to be at the face to face OpenAjax Alliance meetings for the first time last month. Thanks to the nice people at IBM for hosting them. I really enjoyed the discussions with Alex from Dojo , Gideon from OpenSpot and many others...
Microsoft joins OpenAjax
I'm extremely pleased to announce that we're joining OpenAjax today and that I'll represent the company in the organization's meetings starting this Thursday. This is a way for us to ensure that our user community can combine the Microsoft...
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