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When failure is a feature
Warning: this post is going to be slightly off-topic and non-technical. Well, not computer science technical at least. I was reading an article in SciAm this morning about the possibility of a robot uprising. Don’t laugh yet, this is a very real, if still...
How to build 2D glasses
It’s the week-end, which is the perfect time for a slightly off-topic post. It’s still engineering of sorts though in that it provides what I think is an original and cheap solution to a real problem. 3D movies are all the rage recently. But they are...
Metrics in software and physics
Every so often, somebody points out how bad of a metric code coverage is . And of course, on its own, it doesn’t tell you much: after all, it’s a single number. How could it possibly reflect all the subtlety (or lack thereof) of your designs and of your...
The symmetrical universe
Warning : this post is devoid of contents. During one of the very first classes of my Bachelor of Science in Physics, I got struck with a particular piece of information that sounded like a revelation to me: If a problem exhibits a certain symmetry, the...
Quantum computing done right
I know as a good microsoftee I should be supportive of what my employer does no matter what it is, and I might get fired for this post, but Eilon’s latest article is wrong on so many levels I have to step up with whatever integrity I have left and fix...
Deep thoughts on scientific research
Heard on France Inter the other day about scientific research funding (didn't catch the names of the authors of these quotes though): "Ignorance will always be more expensive than research." "Electricity wasn't discovered by trying...
The duck's wake
This is the first translation I'm doing of one of my French science popularization blog posts. When I was preparing my PhD thesis a few years ago, I was also doing weekly hour-long preparation sessions for groups of three students to train them for...
Black hole evaporation paradox?
I just sent this letter to Scientific American . I'd be interested to have any informed opinion on the matter. I’ve read the article about black hole computers with great interest, but there are still a few questions that I think remain unanswered. The...
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