Archives / 2020 / July
  • SciFiDevCon 2020 (virtual) - cancelled

    I'll be presenting "Tell Web Ads to Shut Their Pi-hole!" at SciFiDevCon

    Speed up your browsing and protect your privacy and security by setting up a Pi-hole!  It is free small DNS server that is "a black hole for Internet advertisements" that runs on a Raspberry Pi.  We'll talk briefly about the Raspberry Pi, then learn how to setup Pi-hole on your network for use with all of your devices.  With a low cost Raspberry Pi and an hour of setup time, we now surf faster and more securely, with nearly 40% of our DNS queries blocked.  Its amazing how much more enjoyable using the web can be, you'll cry when you have to surf without it.

  • Cleveland C#/VB.Net User Group (virtual)

    I'll be presenting "Cryptography 101" at Cleveland C#/VB.Net User Group

    Learn the fundamentals of cryptography, including public/private and symmetric encryption, hashing, and digital signatures. Discover which techniques are appropriate for various situations. Review practical real life examples for storing passwords, protecting URL parameters, securely exchanging information with partners, and safely encrypting sensitive information on public web sites. Concepts apply to all platforms, examples will be in C# for both .NET and .NET Core.

  • Frontend Love Meetup (virtual)

    I will be presenting Advanced Fiddler Techniques at Frontend Developer Meetup Amsterdam.

    Fiddler is a great free web diagnostic tool that nearly everyone uses, but typically only for very basic things. If all you need is to see the requests made between the browser and web server, the browser devtools can do that. Fiddler has many more advanced features that most developers are unaware of. It can be used to capture traffic from smartphones, tablets, and non-Windows platforms! Discover the power of manipulating requests and responses with breakpoints, the auto responder, and a visual composer. Review popular extensions for formatting JavaScript, syntax highlighting, and detecting image bloat. Go beyond the basics and learn the full capabilities of the tool and how it can improve your web development and debugging techniques today!

  • Microsoft MVP 2020-2021

    Excited and honored to receive the Microsoft MVP award for the 13th year in Developer Technologies!