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  • Munich .NET Meetup

    I'll be presenting "Cryptography 101" at Munich .NET Meetup

    Learn the fundamentals of cryptography, including public/private and symmetric encryption, hashing, and digital signatures. Discover which techniques are appropriate for various situations. Review practical real life examples for storing passwords, protecting URL parameters, securely exchanging information with partners, and safely encrypting sensitive information on public web sites. Concepts apply to all platforms, examples will be in C# for both .NET and .NET Core.

  • DevSpace 2020

    I will be presenting "Tell Web Ads to Shut Their Pi-hole!" at DevSpace 2020

    Speed up your browsing and protect your privacy and security by setting up a Pi-hole!  It is free small DNS server that is "a black hole for Internet advertisements" that runs on a Raspberry Pi.  We'll talk briefly about the Raspberry Pi, then learn how to setup Pi-hole on your network for use with all of your devices.  With a low cost Raspberry Pi and an hour of setup time, we now surf faster and more securely, with nearly 40% of our DNS queries blocked.  Its amazing how much more enjoyable using the web can be, you'll cry when you have to surf without it.

  • HDC 2020 (virtual)

    I'm excited to be speaking at the upcoming 2020 Heartland Developers Conference presented by Microsoft.  I have spoken at every HDC since 2004!  I'll be presenting "Cryptography 101".

    HDC is the region’s premier software development conference, it will be virtual this year. Join me and many other tech professionals with a complimentary general admission ticket to HDC with the code NTC2020.

    See you on the September 24th – 

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