Archives / 2022 / May
  • Iowa .NET User Group (virtual) - Advanced Fiddler Techniques

    I will be presenting "Advanced Fiddler Techniques" at the Iowa .NET User Group:

    Fiddler is a great free web diagnostic tool that nearly everyone uses, but typically only for very basic things.  If all you need is to see the requests made between the browser and web server, the browser devtools can do that.  Fiddler has many more advanced features that most developers are unaware of.   It can be used to capture traffic from smartphones, tablets, and non-Windows platforms!  Discover the power of manipulating requests and responses with breakpoints, the auto responder, and a visual composer.  Review popular extensions for formatting JavaScript, syntax highlighting, and detecting image bloat.  Go beyond the basics and learn the full capabilities of the tool and how it can improve your web development and debugging techniques today!

  • THAT Conference TX 2022

    I will be holding a workshop Make the Web Faster! at THAT Conference TX 2022:

    This session demonstrates practical techniques that drop a web page's size from almost 3MB to 143K, and load time from 4 seconds to less than a second, while looking the same! Review tools that validate and describe performance best practices. Explore how to defer resource requests, load resources asynchronously, and prefetch critical resources. Many other performance improvements will be discussed, which can reduce response time while also boosting the scalability and reliability of your site. Learn the techniques that can have the largest impact on web performance with the least amount of work. Use, Fiddler, and Lighthouse to measure your web site and find the best opportunities for improvement!