A Software Developer Trying to Get In Shape with the Wii Fit??

We interrupt this tech blog for a quick (and pointless) message about trying to get in shape....


Back in high school and college I played a lot of sports so it was pretty easy to stay in shape without really trying much.  Those years have definitely passed.  Now that I'm getting older and sit staring at the computer hour upon hour (I'll bet my fingers are in good shape from typing so much though!) writing .NET programs it's not so easy so I've recently starting using my Total Gym machine and running more. 

My family recently bought the new Wii Fit since it sounded like a fun way to play some games while burning a calorie or two.  It's actually been very fun (my wife and kids love it and compete a lot) and we've enjoyed some of the yoga, strength and aerobic exercises in addition to the built-in games.  I always thought yoga looked like a waste of time but now I realize how out of shape and inflexible I really am and that yoga is actually much, much harder than it looks.  I'm only on the beginner levels on Wii Fit and already groaning about it stretching me too much. Even with the groaning, I really like the Wii Fit although it's no substitute for my Total Gym and running exercises from what I've seen so far.

Moving on....I ordered a rechargeable battery with my Wii Fit which came separate in the mail from Amazon.com a few days back.  Keep in mind that the whole purpose of Wii Fit is to get you in better shape and make you more flexible.  However, here's the coupon that I received along with the Wii Fit battery in the packaging:


I don't know about you, but I'm thinking someone's not coordinating the marketing effort too well!  I doubt that the fried chicken sandwich, fries and Coke (maybe it's diet) are going to help with my Wii Fitness plan (although the sandwich isn't quite as bad as I thought for the fat content).  Back to more Wii Fit yoga, strength and aerobics exercises so I can prepare for my southern style chicken sandwich with fries and a non-diet Coke! :-)

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