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  • Doesn't work for me on IE7 on Vista RTM...get a javascript exception when I hit search...

  • The demo does not work for me - javascript errors.

  • Dan - you are awesome! Thank you for providing a great example with source code!

  • Hmmm...working fine here with IE7 and FireFox 2. Any chance you can list the JavaScript errors you're seeing?

  • Using IE7 on XP...
    Line 60 Char 5
    Error '_AlbumDetailsCanvas' is null or not an object
    Code 0

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks Colin. I'm not able to duplicate that error with IE7 on Vista or XP, but obviously it's happening for you so I'll see what I can find. Thanks for taking the time to list the details.

  • No problem. I shall check from home this evening to see if I get the same issue. If you need any more details on versions etc. let me know and I'll get back to you. Would love to see this working.

    Not sure if this is in any way important but I am in the UK - could there be a problem with me accessing rather than the site??? I know sometimes there are regional restrictions on various sites.

  • Thanks Colin. I'm trying hard to get that error on different machines and browsers but having no luck unfortunately (XP and Vista). Isn't that how it always works though? :-)

    Since the server you're hitting calls Amazon (rather than the client browser) I don't think location should be a problem. But, let me know if you're able to get it to work at home since I'm interested in getting it resolved for you.

  • the problem is that you need to install the silverline plugin. i had the same problem but when i downloaded the plugin all the problems were gone ;)

  •'ll definitely need the Silverlight plugin. If you don't have it you should see an icon appear that you can click on to download it.

  • Maybe he had the old WPF/E plugin. Are you checked that out?

  • I tried running your example and it bluescreened my computer :(

  • I can't help you with that one unfortunately since there's no JavaScript or XML code I can write to blue-screen your system (barring a browser bug of course).

    The Silverlight plugin is still in beta so it looks like you found something wrong with it. What OS are you on that you got a bluescreen? I haven't seen one of those in quite awhile. :-)

  • Tried searching for Queen and one of the images is throwing an error with your app. It's regarding the format of the image, I would guess this is an issue from Amazon's side though - but I'd just thought I'd mention it.

    Great example by the way and thanks for sharing the source.

  • works like a charm! i was able to run the demo app on firefox with no problems. search worked fine.

  • Mohammad,

    You may want to uninstall Silverlight and reinstall since it sounds like something may be messed up there. It does work in both FireFox and IE with the Silverlight release candidate installed.

  • Thanks for the codecamp demos - you are a great instructor. I see the demo above doesent have the benefit of the faulty amazon image handler.

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