AngularJS in 20ish Minutes Talk at ng-conf


I had the opportunity to speak at ng-conf this week in Salt Lake City and presented a talk titled “AngularJS in 20ish Minutes”. The talk was an abbreviated version of the AngularJS in 60ish Minutes video (get the code here). I put up on YouTube and the enthusiastic crowd made it a lot of fun to present.

The conference was great, very well organized, and several of the AngularJS team members talked as well so if you get a chance to go the next time they have it I’d highly recommend it. All of the talks from the conference are online so check out the talks by the AngularJS team as well as from friends of mine like John Papa, Ari Lerner, Lukas Ruebbelke and Matias Niemela.


AngularJS in 20ish Minutes


AngularJS in 60ish Minutes

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  • Watched this 20ish and liked a lot.
    But i think your 60ish is best bet for learners.

  • thanks to these twenty minutes!!!

  • Well done; would love to see a video on Angular routing in 60ish minutes, or even just 20ish mintues, because while routing is centrai to a spa, angular does not provide a clear path forward on how to implement complex, nested routing scenarios, even given the presence of ui-router.

  • Is the code from the 20ish Minute talk available. New to AngularJs.

  • John:

    I updated the post with a link to the final version of the code shown in the talk. Here it is:


  • What is your opinion on how to break up the angular java script across files? Do you put the script for each controller in the same file or is it best to put the view html and the controller javascript for a route in separate files in their own folder? e.g.

  • Hello Dan,

    I downloaded your code for the 60 minute video. I get the customer and order pages but no data loads for either of them. What can you suggest and how do step through and debug js code in VS2012 ?

  • hmccreight:

    The demos have to be run from a web server and not directly off the hard-drive. Make sure you go through the readme.txt file in the .zip as it'll have the steps to get it going. I also have an end-to-end project you can access as well once you get past the fundamentals in the 60ish minutes video. You can find that project here:


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