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  • Mark Fussell and WSE

    One of the first people who was kind enough to help me out when I started with .NET (what seems like decades ago but was only about 4 1/2 years ago) was Mark Fussell from Microsoft.   Mark has been one of the geniuses behind the XML functionality in .NET (which…if you haven’t played with XML in V2 of .NET has significantly been enhanced even in the Beta) and has recently moved to be Program Manager for the Web Service Enhancements (WSE) team (I was a little late to the party on this one apparentlyJ).  That’s good news for all of us who are fans of XML and Web Services since Mark knows a ton about these technologies.  You can find his blog here:

  • Putting Windows Sharepoint Services to Work

    I’m amazed how many people ask questions on newsgroups and listservs about different .NET portal solutions but somehow don’t seem to find out about Windows SharePoint Services (WSS).  While there are several open source options that definitely have their set of strengths (DotNetNuke, Rainbow, etc.) and of course cons, WSS is extremely powerful, integrates with office products, is easily customized, and can even expose parts of the framework programmatically (lists for example). And…to top it off it’s free (although it does require Windows 2003 which could be a stumbling block for some companies).

  • XML Spy 2005 Out

    I’ve been a fan of XML Spy for years due to its excellent support for editing, schemas, DTDs, XSLT debugging, etc.  A few days ago XML Spy 2005 came out and I was happy to see it had several new features in it (see a complete feature matrix here: that further enhance productivity.   Here’s a short list of some of the new features:

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