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  • Tablet PCs and Ink-Enabled Applications

    I had a chance to meet with Frank Gocinski who is the Business Development Manager for Microsoft's Mobile Platforms and Michelle McKelvey (a Technology Evangelist) while at the DevConnections conference in Orlando this week.  We talked about some of the different ways to capture "ink" on Tablet PCs...something I haven't played around with to this point.  Julia Lerman (one of my good buddies who also spoke at the conference and introduced me to Frank) wrote an article for CoDe Magazine about ink-enabling Web applications (that issue has several other articles on Table PCs and ink as well) that was really good.  Since I don't have a tablet PC I've never been overly excited about ink-enabled applications but after talking with Julia, Frank, Michelle and some others my mind started racing....and I see the light. :-)  I used to work for a start-up company that built dynamic forms that could capture signatures and Tablet PCs are perfect for that type of activity and the other uses (business and pleasure) are virtually unlimited.

  • Slides and Code for my ASP.NET Connections Talks

    I just returned from speaking at the ASP.NET Connections conference in Orlando which was a lot of fun.  If you haven't ever attended before I highly recommend it.  I had a chance to meet a few other speakers I hadn't met before as well as talk with a lot of conference attendees that were building some cutting-edge ASP.NET applications.  I gave 3 different talks at the conference and promised everyone that I'd add the slides and here it is.

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