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  • Enhancing TableAdapters

    I've been playing around and researching different ways to enhance TableAdapters when more custom functionality is needed.  If you're not familiar with TableAdapters, they act as the glue between a data source and a strongly-typed DataSet/DataTable.  You can create them visually using the Visual Studio .NET 2005 DataSet designer and add multiple queries to them that call SQL statements or stored procedures.  You can even create new stored procedures right in the VS.NET DataSet designer wizard.

  • ASP.NET Connections Conference Las Vegas Approaching Fast

    The ASP.NET Connections conference in Last Vegas is coming up fast!  If you're still up in the air about attending I can tell you that it's an awesome conference where you'll have a lot of fun plus learn a lot in the process (that's my personal opinion...not a paid opinion :-)).  I'm going to be there giving the following presentations on behalf of Interface Technical Training:

  • Finding ASP.NET Child Controls....the Simple Way

    My good buddy Spike Xavier and I were discussing how to find nested child controls today and we discovered a nice trick that can be used.  In the past, I've used parentControlID$childControlID syntax with the SqlDataSource and parameters to identify TextBox controls nested within a DetailsView control without resorting to C# or VB.NET code.  This type of syntax allows the page to query the parent control and then locate the target child control (the $ acts as the delimiter).  Spike needed to use the DefaultFocus attribute of the <form> element to set the focus to a TextBox nested within a FormView control.  We tried listing the TextBox ID directly in DefaultFocus and it didn't work (which was expected since it's a nested control).  We then used the syntax I had used previously with the SqlDataSource control in DefaultFocus and it worked....the TextBox received focus when the page loaded.

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