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  • Code and Slides from My LIDNUG Talk on Silverlight and MVVM

    image I had the opportunity to give an online presentation today (download it here) for the LinkedIn .NET User Group (LIDNUG) about how the MVVM pattern can be integrated into Silverlight applications. Thanks to everyone who attended! MVVM is one of those topics that I really enjoy talking about since we use it everyday at my company with the applications we’re building for customers. It’s one of those patterns that can really promote code re-use, enhance testability and minimize maintenance once you jump into it and take the time to learn how it works.

  • Maximizing Productivity with the Visual Studio 2010 Silverlight Designer

    Developing Silverlight applications has always been something I've enjoyed. I'm a big fan of the data binding engine that the framework provides and like the flexibility that XAML provides for building user interfaces. With all of the benefits Silverlight provides, the process of developing Silverlight applications hasn't always been as smooth as it could be especially if you relied solely on Visual Studio in the past. Silverlight 2 provided a read-only Visual Studio designer that didn't provide much in the way of functionality while Silverlight 3 only allowed XAML to be edited directly in the editor. Developers using Expression Blend weren't affected by Visual Studio designer limitations much while those without it ended up creating a lot of XAML by hand.

  • Web Camp LA – September 10th, 2010 with Phil Haack, James Senior and Jon Galloway

    image If you’re in the Los Angeles, CA area and interested in different Web development technologies you’ll definitely want to check out the Web Camp LA event scheduled for September 10th, 2010 if you haven’t already. Phil Haack, James Senior and Jon Galloway (all extremely cool guys who know a lot about different Web technologies) will be presenting.  Phil Haack is the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC PM responsible for pumping out all the cool new features in ASP.NET MVC 2 and the upcoming ASP.NET MVC 3 frameworks. James and Jon are Microsoft’s Web Evangelists.

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