ASP.NET MVC Code and Slides for Best of Mix 09 Presentation

Untitled-1 The code and slides from my ASP.NET MVC vs. Web Forms talk at the Best of Mix 09 – Phoenix event can be downloaded below.  The .zip file contains a sample application created by Microsoft Evangelist Daniel Egan as well as a set of ASP.NET MVC samples that I put together.  The samples demonstrate the following concepts:

  • Placing your Model code into a separate project
  • Allowing loosely-coupled access to your Model from within a Controller by using interfaces
  • Performing basic data validation and rule violation tracking
  • Leveraging form field to object property mapping features
  • Using ViewModel objects to pass data to Views
  • Using partial views
  • Using the ASP.NET MVC AjaxHelper class to emulate the Web Forms UpdatePanel control
  • Using strongly-typed Views
  • Integrating jQuery (and a jQuery plugin called DataTables) into ASP.NET MVC Views
  • Integrating Silverlight with ASP.NET MVC to access JSON data

Download the code here

For those that may have missed the first part of the talk, ASP.NET Web Forms aren’t going away!  ASP.NET MVC is simply another alternative for creating web applications using the .NET framework.  There’s no “Web Forms Reaper” coming (except the one I created for fun to the right) so if anyone tells you otherwise they don’t know what they’re talking about. :-)



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  • Thanks for adding the source for the MVC. Now I can go through all the code that you wanted to show yesterday, but were limited by time.

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