DevConnections Conference Code and Slides


I’m in Las Vegas this week for the DevConnections conference and wanted to get the slides and code posted for the talks as I give them.  This time around I’m talking about Silverlight (including a full-day workshop), the new Microsoft Ajax Library script loader and template features and RIA Services. 

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  • Dan,

    Sorry I did get a chance to meet up with you at Dev Connections. I had a great conference. Hope to see you soon in Honolulu!



  • I was in Vegas, and had the fortunate chance of catching your session about the AJAX Library and template features. Thanks for the clear explanation, you were definitely one of the better session speakers at the event, and gave me a glimpse of the exciting things I've yet to have time to fiddle with.

  • Kevin: Great to see you and sorry I didn't get a chance to talk with you more. I was stuck in my room working most of the week unfortunately. If I make it back to Hawaii I'll give you a ring though. :-)

  • Justin: Thanks for coming to the session and glad you enjoyed it!

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