Free eBook - Best of Simple Talk ASP.NET


I wrote a few articles for the Simple Talk Website (run by RedGate Software) over the past year and was honored to be included in the "Best of Simple Talk ASP.NET" eBook they just released.  The book is a free PDF that covers a lot of different topics including:

  • ASP.NET Master Pages Tips and Tricks
  • Web Parts in ASP.NET 2.0
  • Implementing Waiting Pages in ASP.NET
  • Token Replacement in ASP.NET
  • Regular Expression Based Token Replacement in ASP.NET
  • A Complete URL Rewriting Solution for ASP.NET 2.0
  • Take Row-Level Control of Your GridView
  • Enhance Your Website with ASP.NET AJAX Extensions
  • Calling Cross-Domain Web Services in AJAX
  • Using Web Services with ASP.NET
  • Gathering RSS Feeds using Visual Studio and RSS.NET
  • Getting Started with XAML
  • Silverlight Skinnable User Interfaces

You can download the free eBook here.  On a side note, definitely check out RedGate's tools if you get a chance.  They have a lot of great stuff.

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