Free WPF Training Event in Phoenix – June 5th and 6th

Microsoft’s putting on a free WPF training event in the Phoenix, AZ area that I thought I’d announce.  For those that haven’t already seen it or registered you can get more details here

Update: The registration screen makes it sound like you have to be a Microsoft partner to attend but that’s not the case (confirmed with Microsoft).  It’s free for anyone to attend.

Here’s the agenda:

Day One:

  • Lap Around WPF
  • WPF Tools ( Blend, Visual Studio 2008)
  • Graphics Subsystem
  • Layout
  • WPF Fundamentals and new concepts
    • Application Model
    • Dependency Properties
    • Trees (logical & visual)
    • Events
    • Threading
    • Resources
  • Controls
  • Styling
  • Templating
  • Q&A with instructors at end of day

Day Two:

  • WPF integration with Win32 and Windows Forms
  • Data binding
  • Introduction to Model-View-ViewModel
  • Commanding in M-V-VM
  • Views, Navigation and Transitions
  • Data Validation
  • Error handling, Model dialogs, Logging
  • Unit Testing
  • MVVM & LOB tips and tricks
  • Q&A with the instructor

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