More FlipBoard Magazines: Azure, XAML, ASP.NET MVC & Web API

In a previous post I introduced two new FlipBoard magazines that I put together including The AngularJS Magazine and The JavaScript & HTML5 Magazine. FlipBoard magazines provide a great way to keep content organized using a magazine-style format as opposed to trudging through multiple unorganized bookmarks or boring pages full of links. I think they’re really fun to read through as well.

Based on feedback and the surprising popularity of the first two magazines I’ve decided to create some additional magazines on topics I like such as The Azure Magazine, The XAML Magazine and The ASP.NET MVC & Web API Magazine.

Click on a cover below to get to the magazines using your browser. To subscribe to a given magazine you’ll need to create a FlipBoard account (not required to read the magazines though) which requires an iOS or Android device (the Windows Phone 8 app is coming soon they say).

If you have a post or article that you think would be a good fit for any of the magazines please tweet the link to @DanWahlin and I’ll add it to my queue to review. I plan to be pretty strict about keeping articles “on topic” and focused.


The Azure Magazine



The XAML Magazine



The ASP.NET MVC & Web API Magazine



The AngularJS Magazine



The JavaScript & HTML5 Magazine


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