New eBook: JavaScript Patterns JumpStart Guide - Clean up your JavaScript Code

imageOver the years I’ve worked with various JavaScript patterns that can be used to clean up code and make it more re-usable and maintainable. By learning some of the key patterns along with concepts such as closures, namespaces and global scope, prototyping, and more you can transform messy JavaScript code into clean JavaScript code and significantly simplify your projects and applications. The challenge is knowing how to get started and finding a resource that explains everything in a way that’s “to the point” and easy to understand.

To help people get started cleaning up their JavaScript code I put together a new eBook called the JavaScript Patterns JumpStart Guide (the ePub version is available here).The book covers a lot of real-life lessons I’ve learned over the years working with JavaScript and applying patterns to different projects. The main goal of the book is to cover various JavaScript concepts and patterns in an extremely concise and focused manner while providing plenty of examples along the way. That includes providing simple examples to help you understand a given concept and get started using it, as well as more complex examples that help you gain a deeper understanding of how all of the pieces fit together and how they can be used in different ways.

The book is currently available on and can be used with the Kindle software or Kindle devices. I also plan to release an ePub version as well for those that don’t use the Kindle software (more details to come). Here’s an overview of what the book covers:


JavaScript Patterns JumpStart Guide

Are you writing a lot of JavaScript code and finding that it's growing into an unmanageable mess? In the JavaScript Patterns JumpStart Guide you'll learn how to clean up JavaScript code and fix common problems such as function spaghetti code, polluting the global namespace, and writing unstructured code. By applying patterns, JavaScript code can be made more modular and that’s really the purpose of this concise and focused guide. You’ll be provided with numerous tips and practical samples that will help you learn how to write maintainable, re-usable and consistent JavaScript code.

Key concepts covered in this jumpstart guide include:

  • Function spaghetti code and why it’s bad
  • The role of closures
  • Namespaces and the global scope
  • Different techniques for defining variables
  • Working with JavaScript’s prototype property
  • Techniques for dealing with the "this" keyword
  • How to extend and override functions
  • The Prototype Pattern
  • The Revealing Module Pattern
  • The Revealing Prototype Pattern

I’m also working on an AngularJS JumpStart Guide that I hope to release in the near future as well.


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