The Web Weekly - Edition 8

Edition 8 of my Web Weekly newsletter has been published (sign-up to the right to receive it automatically)! Here’s what’s in this latest edition.

The Web Weekly by Dan Wahlin

Keeping You on the Cutting Edge - #8

Thanks for subscribing to the Web Weekly newsletter! Highlights in this issue include:
  • ECMAScript 6 sites you can use to experiment with the new language features and jump start your learning process.
  • An excellent write-up on migrating from Express 3.0 to Express 4.0 for Node.js developers.
  • A remote desktop client built using AngularJS, Yeoman and some other exciting HTML5 technologies.
  • Explore the process of creating a particle engine in JavaScript.
  • An interesting (dare I say "hacky") way to deal with multi-line strings in JavaScript.
  • Remove unused CSS and speed up your site.
  • Learn about AngularJS Interceptors and how they can be used in applications.
  • Much more!
Check out the video highlights below as well as the links that follow.

Dan's Video Highlights

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What's New in the World of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and AngularJS?
AngularJS Image
HTML5 Image
CSS Image

Clean up Your JavaScript Code!

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