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Check out an example of the Web Weekly newsletter here.

Several months ago I created a few FlipBoard magazines that a ton of developers (over 50,000!) have used to access content on JavaScript, HTML5, AngularJS, Azure, XAML, Web API, and more. While the feedback on the magazines has been super positive, several people have asked about having the content pushed to them. I’m generally too busy to remember to go check a particular link on a regular basis so I definitely understood and agree with the comments.

I’m happy to announce a new newsletter I’m calling the Web Weekly. It’ll highlight content across the different FlipBoard magazines plus other sources and go out to subscribers a few times a month (weekly when possible). The first issue is ready to go and includes a “video highlights” segment I created to show some of my favorite content in the first issue. If you’re interested in staying on top of all the cutting edge Web technologies feel free to subscribe below!



Here’s a sample of some of the articles included:




Here’s the video from the first edition of the newsletter:


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  • Thanks a lot. Like reading your articles.
    This is gonna help with getting along with bunch of new stuff we are faced with every single day...

  • Marco:

    Thanks for the information. Although I can't change the textboxes unfortunately (the newsletter service I use generates them), I'll definitely let them know that there may be an issue there. Appreciate you taking the time to let me know.


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