Two New FlipBoard Magazines for AngularJS and JavaScript/HTML5

I’ve been a fan of FlipBoard for quite some time since it provides a quick and easy way to access different posts, articles, pictures and more from a magazine-style layout. If you haven’t used it before it’s definitely a fun application that’s quite unique. It runs as an app on iOS and Android and will soon be available on Windows Phone 8. You can also view magazines with any Web browser as well. For example, here’s a magazine running in the browser that has some amazing landscape-related photos (click to view it):



Over the weekend I decided to start two new FlipBoard magazines since I wanted a single place to go for posts and articles that I (and others) find useful throughout the month. The first magazine is focused on AngularJS and the second covers more general JavaScript and HTML5/CSS3 topics. If you’re interested in subscribing to the magazines (they’re free and available though the FlipBoard app or through the Web) click on one of the covers below.


The AngularJS Magazine



The JavaScript & HTML5 Magazine



If you have a post or article that you think would be a good fit for either magazine please tweet the link to @DanWahlin and I’ll add it to my queue to review.

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  • I've used FlipBoard every so often on my Android and didn't even know there were such things as FB magazines... - are these syndicated though the app itself so I can search for them, or do I need to launch from the URL separately?

    Flipboard seems to have more-or-less a responsive design, but on my landscape monitors (or just make your browser tall and skinny...) many (but not all) of the pictures get clipped vs getting scaled, with no zoom/pan capability or anything. (But not all of them - maybe you just need a tag on some of the images?)

  • MBR:

    You can get to the magazines through the FlipBoard app (just subscribe to them and they'll show up) or through the URL. As far as the clipping of some images, I've noticed that as well. The ability to view the magazines on the web is a new feature they added so I'm guessing it'll keep getting better and better over time. I think it's a great start though.


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