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Single or dual?

Are you single or dual processor?

What are you up to for a workstation? What CPU and motherboards are you using?
I'm considering bying a dual-processor motherboard based on AMD CPUs. Any related experience, guys?

PS: No, no, I'm not trying to start a contest similar to this one ;-)


  • I have single chips in my workstations right now, I prefer working with dual chip machines though as one can delegate tasks to different CPUs at times.

    Take a look at Dell's "Precision" line of workstations. You can't beat a pair of Xeons and a gig or two of RAM.

    --Brian Desmond

  • I'm having a P4 3GHz with that HyperThreading feature. I think it's cheaper that buying a "real" dual-processor system. However, I wish AMD would implement HyperThreading... IMHO this is the only advantage of Intel processors.



  • Dual with hyper-threading is the only way to go.

    Especially if you do any MC++ development where linking takes about 5x longer than it used to!

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