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Some browser stats

Some stats from the last eight months. These stats come from the SharpToolbox web site, so this is really just about techies' habits.

IE 55.6%
RSS aggregators 38.6%
Mozilla 4.6%
Opera 1%
IE 55.1%
RSS aggregators 38.8%
Mozilla 4.9%
Opera 0.9%
IE 47.7%
RSS aggregators 46.2%
Mozilla 4.8%
Opera 1%
IE 54.3%
RSS aggregators 37.3%
Mozilla 5.7%
Opera 2.3%
IE 54.5%
RSS aggregators 35.6%
Mozilla 7.8%
Opera 1.7%
IE 54.4%
RSS aggregators 35.6%
Mozilla 8.4%
Opera 1.3%
IE 52.3%
RSS aggregators 38%
Mozilla 8.2%
Opera 1.3%
IE 50.6%
RSS aggregators 38.5%
Mozilla 9.4%
Opera 1.2%

I wouldn't consided those numbers all that reliable, but I guess it's easy to see where developers are going :-)

Update: on the search engine field, it looks like Yahoo is getting close to 6%, MSN close to 3%, while Google remains at more than 90%.

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  • The numbers may be reliable but you're using numbers for a site that's devoted to .Net development. Cross-platform developers, the ones that are likely to use browsers other than IE, have no reason to go to that site. So it's even worse that IE is losing, considering that the majority of the visitors are Windows developers.

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