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Is AdSense becoming less interesting?

For a while, the Google AdSense service was a good source of revenue if you have a web site. From what I see with the SharpToolbox web site, and as others seems to say on the web, AdSense is paying less and less. Do you notice this as well?

I also noticed that AdSense is serving less paying ads, and more and more "public service ads". I may be wrong, but my guess is that as more web sites are running AdSense, less ads become available for each site. Another possibility is that people are becaming used to text ads, and don't click much anymore.

One thing I don't like about AdSense is that the stats they give you are pretty useless. Also, there is no apparent logic behind the revenue you get. You can get a lot of money one day, and nothing the day after for the same number of clicks.
One other thing that I don't like at all, is the following questionable part of the Terms and Conditions agreement: "You agree not to disclose click-through rates or other statistics relating to site performance in the program provided to you by Google". Is there something to hide here? What do you fear Google? How come the rules for revenue arithmetic are not public and don't seem deterministic?

Is AdSense becoming less interesting? If you use it, do you plan to move to another service?

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  • I've actually been generating some good revenue the last month and a half, missed my first month's check by just a few bucks. I'll definately be getting one this time around, and I definately cannot complain since it's just sitting there generating revenue for me. I, however, have not seen that many public service ads, mostly related to other sites. I too, also wish Google would release how they determine the $$ for a day.

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