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Will the next version of Visual Studio be "Visual Studio 2006"?


Microsoft has decided to delay the release of SQL Server 2005 from the first half of 2005 until later in the summer of that year. A Community Technical Preview will be released as an interim beta with possibly more to come before the final beta and the product’s eventual release.

As Visual Studio.NET 2005 is connected to SqlServer 2005 when it comes to release date, it's also delayed till later in 2005. Unless Microsoft decides to disconnect the two, however I don't think that will happen. All in all, a sad remark, as it will be even longer when must-have features like a working HTML editor/webform designer are available.

[Frans Bouma]

I don't need all the clutter they are trying to put inside. All I need has been ready for months now, but they just won't release it!
Microsoft started showing and making promises about Whidbey, .NET 2.0 and all the stuff in early 2003...

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  • Hmmm I don't understand why you can't wait. Without this update, it doesn't mean that you can't develop any .NET apps.

    There's a lot of community feedback, which really improves the use of VS 2005. I rather wait and have a very good an useful product, instead of releasing a product which needs an update within 6-12 months. Remember a lot of organisations do not like a lot of updates.

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