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Stored procedures versioning with SQL Server and Visual SourceSafe

Here is a quick summary of the steps to add Stored Procedures to the .NET IDE:

  1. Install VS.NET on client machine
  2. Install VSS on client machine
  3. Open the VS.NET IDE and make sure to enable "version control" on the "Tools | Options | Database tools" tab. The option is "Enable version control"
  4. Install VSS on server machine
  5. Make sure SQL is running as a domain account and that that account has been added to the VSS database on the server
  6. Run the VS.NET install on the server machine, deselecting everything but "Server components/VS 6 Stored Procedure Version Control"
  7. Open the VS.NET IDE and create a connection to that SQL database
  8. Right click on the "stored procedureS" node and select "Add to Source Control". This creates the initial project structure in VSS
  9. You must now still add the individual SP's. You can click on the top one, hold down shift, and click on the last one. This will highlight all the SP's allowing you to right click and add to Source Control

I do not remember where I found this information, but more information can be found on MSDN.

Update: Thanks to Dominic Fenton, here is an official Microsoft reference document on this subject: HOW TO: Add SQL Server 2000 Stored Procedures to Visual SourceSafe by Using Visual Studio .NET


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