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Microsoft needs to leave the cargo ship and jump aboard a speedboat

Paschal complains that using Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 in real world is not that easy.

I think a lot of teeth grinding is to be expected next year in enterprises when managers wondering why there is a sudden productivity drop will have to hear that people who have been learning .NET for years now need to relearn how to work with .NET and Visual Studio!
Microsoft is moving slowly lately, in the sense that they prefer big bad updates such as the "VS 2005 / .NET 2 / SQL Server 2005 / Biztalk 2006" pack instead of regular and agile improvements. Where are .NET 1.2, .NET 1.5 or Visual Studio 2004? C# 2.0 has been ready for years and we still cannot use it for production! This is just an example.
I'm not even talking about LonghornWindows Vista (you know, the one that looks so small in a telescope).

Apparently Microsoft is aware of the problem and I think we will see some changes next year with the Atlas project or and the .NET Language Integrated Query Framework, which will be delivered as interim releases or upgrade packs... Well, at least I hope so!


  • Agree Fabrice but at least they seems to listen. I received a nice comment from Scott Guthrie, and yes some missing stuff like 'Exlude from a project' will be back in the release version. What puzzle me is who on Earth decided to remove a so important key feature from the Beta ??

  • I think nobody decided to remove this kind of features. Its just part of the things that are not possible as is with the new model. They start to add them back one by one, but through what looks to me like workarounds. While it was just so easy with the previous model...

    I know they are listening. This is why we express ourselves like this ;-)

  • I got ready to type out a big long reply, but I decided to just delete it. yes, I wish that there were more interim releases with some of the "coming soon" features in them. however, there is a cost associated with these that may not provide for any benefit to microsoft. as much as I appreciate all the things that they have done for me on a personal level, one must remember that they are a business. they deserve to make money also. yes, they like to court the developers, but they also need to make some money back from the development community.

    Also, remember that we go VS.NET 2002, VS.NET 2003, SP1 for .NET 1.1 in 2004 and in 2005, we will get VS.NET 2005.

    BTW, I do understand your pain and agony. :-)

  • Wally agree with you but business should not break the rules.

    Microsoft promised few years ago now a constant upgrade of the developers tools and to not remove any features million of people use already. Even if they need to make money, they are in situation of monopoly and they have to make sure that earlier adopter of their products are happy!

  • I kinda agree with you, but on the other hand do you remember when new versions of ADO and MSXML were dropping chaotically? That wasn't all that much fun as I recall.

  • There should be a happy medium...

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