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Is a new Beta required for Visual Studio 2005?

There is now an official call for a new Beta of VS 2005 and .NET 2.0.
Vote if you wish the "project-less web projects" fixed, Visual Studio 2005 cleaned-up from all the workarounds that were added to fix problems, and more of the bugs really fixed. If you have tried Beta 2 and converted your projects to it, I'm sure you agree that something has to be done.


  • Yep sure Fabrice something has to be done. The migration process is a mess, I tried with the latest dll sent by Scott, and still wrong.

    I can't afford 5 days of my time to make my current projects working in the new version :-(

  • Visual Studio .Net 2005 is more than just ASP.Net.

    Release the darn thing and put sp1 if needed. I actually prefer the "project-less web projects" because it allows easy code sharing without having to deal with IIS.

  • Dody, being able to work without IIS is one thing, and a good one. The problem with web projects is something else.

    No features are fixed in service packs, only some bugs. And you know like everyone else that there won't be service packs. We haven't got any service pack for VS 2003!

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