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What people say about Bamboo.Prevalence lately

Justin from News from the Forest tries BP. He writes how he really feels about object prevalence.
About which I say something.

Peter Provost says he would try BP, and finally says he thinks that object prevalence isn't quite ready.

Meanwhile, Richard Caetano creates a sample application, and then writes a little about his last application that uses BP.

We finish with a happy note from Mads Haugbø Nissen, who finds prevalence cool.


  • I didn't discover Bamboo until recently, but I implemented a similar concept for a content management system I architected in .NET about a year ago. Many CMSes are characterized by a very high read/write ratio which makes serialization and query caching issues simpler than the average app. The prevalence based system gave incredible performance (serving 150+ real-world-complexity ASP.NET pages/sec with no output caching on a development box) and a very friendly API. We used a database as the serialization medium along with a hybrid query system which used both in-memory indexes and DB indexes, and cached query results.

    My overall experience with prevalence was very positive, however it is important to understand the tradeoffs involved- You get some serious limitations along with the benefits.

  • That's the world of programming..."tradeoffs" =)

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