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.NET Weblogs - Isolate referrals?

The "related reading" section of my list of tools is becoming very long and so makes the size of the page and download time bigger and bigger. I'm interested in seeing the referrals, but Scott, do you think you could come up with a solution to have them on a separate page (keeping pingback/trackback on the page)?
Otherwise, with time passing by this page may become to big.

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  • Although I understand what you are saying...Probably not.

    1. This causes more work by the user to go find the other links...chances are they won't.

    2. There are about 6,000 posts in the system now. To make a change because of one post, does not really seem to make much sense in the big picture.

    3. I use HttpCompression. so while the page might look like it is getting bigger, its likely not (to most browsers)


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