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Opinions about persistence, object-relational mapping, data-access layer generation tools

Here I aggregate opinions on persistence, object-relational mapping, data-access layer generation tools.
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Let me put it this way. If the instructions for using a condom were as complicated as the ones for using OlyMars, AIDS would have killed us all by now. 

[Robert McLaws]

Totally agree here...I've tried to use the thing...I still don't get it. Somebody clue me in here.

[David Stone]

Lots of negative talk regarding OlyMars lately. I will admit that I don't have the time to figure out how to use it (gave it a try a few times, but just wasn't my style). However, it is still a very cool tool, it just has a crappy interface on top of it, but it isn't meant to be production code anyway now is it? My understanding is that it is just a research project...and when is the last time you saw a research project with warm fuzzy documentation and a sexy UI?

[Jesse Ezell]

It's not just the interface. The templates have a very steep learning curve as well.

[Eric J. Smith]

OlyMars is not only an object/relational mapping layer, nor a DAL generator. OlyMars is a generic (multi-purposes) code generator, which can provide services for generating a DAL, database aware controls, or whatever you want if you write your own templates. Hence the complicated instructions for use.

[Christophe Lauer]


LLBLGen is really that simple: choose your database, select the tables/views you want, and click generate. It will create the TSQL for all the sprocs, and the DAL classes.

[Chad Osgood]

Entity Broker

I have been using EntityBroker on a recent project and it is extremely easy to use. I highly recommend it. It is just about to be RC1. I prefer a fully object mapper like EntityBroker over a DAL generator any day. Still not in a final release, but the docs are pretty good and whole package works great (plus, you get out of the box support for multiple RDMBS's like Oracle, MS Sql, etc.).

[Jesse Ezell]

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