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Languages in RSS feeds

Not sure I agree with Paschal. Filtering feeds by language is a technological problem. The solution should be technological, and should not impose a language on writers. If Ralf chooses to write in german, this is his choice.

Restricting yourself to reading posts in english (by choice or by lack of knowledge of the other languages) is a reader choice, not a publisher one.

RSS offers (or should offer) the possibility to define in what languages posts are written.

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  • I commented in Ralf's original response to a similar point, but I do agree with Paschal here.

    It's not a matter of publishing in what language. He can feel free to publish in any language he wants, although I would prefer it's English so I can actually read it.

    Regardless, many people (myself included) subscribe to the main feed, and the majority of that audience is English-speaking (or, as Paschal mentioned, have English as a LCD).

    If you're going to publish in this forum, I personally think you should publish in English. If you want to publish your content in German, that's fine, but I don't think it should be done here (or at least should be filtered from the main feed).

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