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ADO.NET Entity Framework documents are back (ADO.NET vNext)

The original articles about the ADO.NET Entity Framework didn't stay online very long, but this time, two official documents are available:
These documents will give you an overview of what is coming in the next version of ADO.NET, mainly the ADO.NET Entity Framework, which is Microsoft's upcoming solution for mapping data to objects.
In these documents, you'll encounter the following:
  • The Entity Data Model
  • Entity SQL
  • LINQ to Entities
  • LINQ to DataSets
  • LINQ to SQL (formerly known as DLinq)
Note: there is no preview release of the Entity Framework for the moment.
We still don't know if DLinq will continue to live for a very long time (I don't see why we'd need two object-relational mapping solutions from Microsoft except for creating confusion).

These documents are also available online as web pages, not just Word documents.
A document about the EDM (Entity Data Model) is also available: web page or Word document

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  • I'm guessing that ADO.Net Entity Framework is built around DLinq. The LINQ tools are useful for more than just data access.

  • Mike, the ADO.NET Entity Framework is NOT built around Linq to SQL (DLinq). In fact, they have nothing to do with each other.
    Linq to SQL is built around Linq. The only thing they have in common is that the Entity Framework can be used with Linq ("Linq to Entities"), but that's just an option.

  • Great, as if I didn't have enough toys to play with.

    So is the Entity Framework similar to Entity EJBs *shuddering* or is it more along the line of Oracle Business Objects (not to be confused with Business Objects, the developer of Crystal Reports).

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