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Linq rebranding

Soma announced that the naming scheme for the Linq technologies has been simplified:
LINQ to ADO.NET includes:
      LINQ to DataSet
      LINQ to Entities
      LINQ to SQL (formerly DLinq)

LINQ support for other data types includes:
      LINQ to XML (formerly XLinq)
      LINQ to Objects
So long DLinq and XLinq... Welcome  Linq to Whatever!
I agree that this will make things a bit more explicit, especially the separation between what is related to ADO.NET and what is not. It will also help implementors find names for their products using Linq. We can expect to see more LINQ to Something in the future...

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  • How about a LINQ to Google? ROFL :)

    Think about it, you could query for entities that represent a "mail object", "calendar appointment", "spreadsheet", "maps location", and of course "search result".

  • Well, yes, for the book I will create examples of queries to some sites offering a query API or simply generate URLs to get some data. This should be easy to do. I'll publish examples of this soon.

  • I've introduced one more offer into the Linq family: Linq to Amazon.

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