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Sandcastle, Microsoft's replacement for NDoc

Microsoft listened to our requests. It has announced its upcoming tool for generating MSDN-like documentation from your .NET code. The codename is Sandcastle and the tool is presented as a "Documentation Compiler". It should work the same way NDoc does, except it will support .NET 2.
The first release has been delayed and is now planned for August, as part of the next CTP release of the Visual Studio SDK.

The information comes from Microsoft's forums.

Update: an alpha version is now available.


  • Don't expect miracles: it's really an alpha version with no comparaison of what NDoc can do. It works in 3 parts:

    Fisrt MSRef use reflection to create a xml file (xml reflection file) containing all types & methods.
    Then it create a new xml file merging your doc file and its xml reflection file.
    At least, it create html files using xls tranformations.

    So to produce good doc, you need to be an excellent xlst worker ;-)))

  • Kevin Downs announced on July 26th that NDoc is no longer being developed (by him) so this is interesting.

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